Some Thoughts and Some Feelings Nov 20

Some thoughts and some feelings, all mine:
Like emotions are riding high. Supreme Court in the Campa Cola case intervened suo motu [on one’s own initiative], and Sachin retired from Cricket. The latter is not exactly that way.
Like Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa did a splendid work. Why it was not tried in Sri Lanka?
Like people object if Bharat Ratna is awarded to a forty year old; and they also object when it is given to a 90 year old like Bhimsen Joshi! So what’s the right age for BR?
Like the Bharat Ratna Mr CNR Rao called politicians ‘idiots.’ We agree and wonder if Mr Rao is master of understatements.
Like I have not really understood what I get by tweeting. But admitting it publicly is making me feel old.
Like if things suddenly start moving fast, then it must be election time.
Like the latest fashion among political leaders is to buy a doctorate and put ‘Dr.’ before his name. And these doctors are constantly in search of Vitamin ‘M.’
Like Switzerland’s decision on CEO pay [twelve times the lowest paid worker’s pay] is a good move; in India the salaries of lowest paid employee are exploitative.
Like the University of Kansas suggests that depending on the sex of the speaker, language with grammatical gender may be interpreted and understood differently among listeners. Isn’t this everyday experience, why do you require research to know the obvious?
And finally this: A study shows that the government in India attracts corrupt youngsters like a magnet. Perhaps the converse is also true; it is confusion between cause and effect.