Some Thoughts and Some Feelings Dec 23

Some thoughts and some feelings, all mine:
Like there should be no doubt that Founder-Editor of Tehelka, Tarun Tejpal’s goose is cooked! And that surely lends credence to the saying that “a snake charmer dies of snake bite!”
Like Editor of of Captain TV, a Chennai-based news channel, has been arrested by the police following a sexual harassment complaint lodged against him by his former colleague. And that makes me feel that either Editors are more susceptible to the charge of sexual harassment or ……  [you guessed it!].
Like Justice Ganguly says “I wish to make it clear that I never harassed nor did I make any unwelcome advances to any female intern.” We would like to see how you argue your case My Lord!
Like I miss Sachin on play field. It is a sign that not only Sachin but I too have grown old!!
Like there is appreciation of the way Khobragade case is handled by Indian Government. But people feel that it would have been different if the elections were not so near.
Like one way to respond to Khobragade case is to arrest a US embassy official. But only Russia and China are capable of responding that way.
Like Narayan Murthy says exits of key managers will have no impact on Infosys. Perhaps things are so bad that it cannot worsen the situation; is that what you mean, Mr Murthy?
Like tell me who is better? Pakistan is prosecuting Pervez Musharraf, and Maharashtra Government has let its Chief Ministers off the hook by rejecting Adarsh Scam report.

And finally this: Salman Khan can teach us how to play with judicial system in India. Only one out of 39 witnesses turned up in Court. He is busy with the promotions of his forthcoming movie ‘Jai Ho’. Yes Jai Ho!