Some Thoughts and Some Feelings April 6

Some Thoughts and Some Feelings : All mine:

Like I miss Sachin. Virat Kohli is a great player. But Sachin brought in different kind of pleasure and happiness in the game.

Like Sahara story did not surprise anybody. It must not have surprised SaharaShree too.

Like Aamir Khan has raised the bar to an impossible level for an actor-producer. Is he aware that his screen persona has changed now!

Like if you ask me whose contribution is greater – Big B’s or Aamir’s, my choice is Aamir. And several friends are agreeing already!

Like labour matters is not on any political party’s agenda. Trade unions are no longer gold mines for leaders, real estate is!

Like when I asked ‘do you remember the name of Labour Minister?’ in a training program of HR Managers, nobody raised hand to answer! Nobody knew.

Like nobody can fully appreciate the pain of MH370 passengers’ relatives. Now we have to pray for them.

And finally this: Elections are like Bollywood formula movies. Actors change, but not the storyline, although the audience pays every time.