Some Thoughts and Some Feelings June 8

Some thoughts and some feelings, all mine:

Like Maria Sharapova’s win at the French Open at Roland Garros brought back memories of Steffi Graf. Maria plays well but she does not dominate the women’s tennis like Steffi.

Like it feels sad when we realize that we do not read the name ‘Sachin’ in the sports columns often these days. Reading about Sachin was a habit formed over twenty years.

Like Indian youth has certainly gravitated more towards Football, and we will see evidence of it soon.

Like many have started fastening rear seat belts while travelling in the car. That is one fallout of Munde’s accident.

Like the greatest hope and the greatest disappointment was provided by AAP and Kejriwal.

Like Hindustan Motors will finally stop production of Ambassador. It is like pulling plug of the ventilator of a patient in coma.

Like two events on the transport scene are interesting: Air Asia and Mumbai Metro. Both were much needed, but what about the roads in Mumbai?

And finally Infosys is losing senior managers at such a speed that it reminds me of VRS in old organizations.