Some Thoughts and Some Feelings March 15

Some thoughts and some feelings, all mine:

Like I enjoy reading Shobha De’s blog. She has a point of view, and you can’t brush it aside even if you don’t agree.

Like Shobha De almost stole words from me when she wrote ‘Enjoy your fame and spare us sermons, Leslee.’ But I will rather keep my opinion to myself when she says ‘Deepika’s Cleavage is As Important As SRK’s Eight-Pack!’

Like Kanimozhi, Raja and Dr Manmohan Singh are all facing Criminal Courts in various matters. And I wonder why we hold Dr Singh innocent and the other two guilty.

Like India has won all six matches in their pool so far and Adam Gilchrist has talked about the stress caused by the ‘fear of law of averages.’ He is right, and I may be reading too much in it, because I also feel that he wants India to lose to Australia and that it is coming out in such ways.

Like the world expected Dhoni to hit a six to close the match, he has done it nine times so far! I feel very inspired by it and hope we can perform such a feat in our work area repeatedly.

Like Sir Vivian Richards said that it was crucial for a team to have a hiccup in the preliminary rounds to get them back on the right track. And I wonder if he ever wanted to have such a hiccup!

Like Government of Maharashtra has banned cow slaughter. I really wonder what they gained out of it.

And finally this: Sonam Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan are rated as the worst actors by HT readers. When you think of Abhishek Bachchan, Moon Moon Sen, Rajendra Kumar’s son and the like you feel that the talent for acting diminishes with generations.

Vivek S Patwardhan