And The Khel Ratna Award Goes To

“The Government has declared ‘Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award’ to Sania Mirza” I told Lulu, my parrot as I read the newspaper.
“Huh!” Lulu ignored me.
“She won Wimbledon doubles title with Martina Hingis this year” I informed Lulu.
“Tut, tut” That’s the sound parrots make when they show disdain.
“She won three Grand Slams in doubles category. ‘Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna’ is the highest sports award, you know.”
“They should have given it to one more person.” Take my advice. Never talk to a parrot when he is nibbling chilies. Caustic is the word for what comes out of the red beak. 
“Really? Who? I know you have bird’s eye view but you must not speak in riddles.”
“The achievement of that person is unparalleled.”
“Oh, come on, tell me who that is.”
 “Hits and runs”
“Leander Paes it must be. There is no better Indian in that department.”
“Nah! He got the award earlier, right?”
“Aren’t you referring to Virat Kohli? He deserves. The man has talent but he is also short tempered and very aggressive.”
“I am talking about the person who is also short tempered and very aggressive, although I would rather not comment on the person’s talent.”
“Spits and runs”
“Oh! But you would not be referring to our auto drivers. Only they do it so often.”
“This man does not drive anything, he applies breaks!”
“No talent, aggressive, does not drive anything, spits and runs, applies breaks…. Hmmm…. Are you referring to Rahul Gandhi?”
“You are so intelligent!” Lulu said as he nibbled at chillies. “Surely deserves ‘Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award’ for his destructive game.”