It is Time to Meet Sonakshi Sinha

Yes, it is time to meet Sonakshi. I will come to that in a moment.

I noticed this beautiful shrub as I entered my son’s house in London. It so captured my attention that I carefully examined the beautiful flowers before I entered his house. Great welcome by this plant to a guest! ‘Fuchsia magellanica’ is the name [but what’s in the name?] I stay at Mumbai, India where one doesn’t see this plant at all. It is native to Argentina and Chile. I drew it with a twig in hand, with pencil first and then used coloured pencils. I will try painting it with watercolour later. Hopefully then I will get better colours to match the actual flowers and leaves.

I noticed many were drawing using a pen. I tried my luck with it. I used ball point pen [I used to draw only doodles in the classroom with it, but never a sketch!] telling myself that if it works out well I will buy a good pen for drawing. I was very apprehensive because one can’t use eraser here. This is a part of the wall which I saw at the museum at Tower of London. I have to focus on learning to get the ‘values’ right. Getting values wrong spoils a picture, and also the life! [Pun intended]

Dog and Fox is a well known pub and hotel in Wimbledon. This is one side of it, not the main entrance. I quickly drew it and touched it up a bit after coming home. I do not feel too bad about showing my sketches now as a result of reading ‘Art Before Breakfast’ although there are always some obvious mistakes in this sketch. Hopefully I will keep improving ….

There is lot to learn. I am enjoying though, and hope to draw more sketches. I will soon try ‘urban sketching.’ This is getting very interesting.

Yes, I mentioned Sonakshi. I thought of her because Sonakshi Sinha said, “Few people know that I am also an artist; I truly enjoy sketching and drawing.” Well, it is time to meet Sonakshi and exchange notes, what say you?  

Vivek S Patwardhan