Amte Makes My Home Anandwan

There are some surprises always in store. Mr Anand Awadhani [MD, Unique Features, and a well-known author] called up and said that he was visiting me along with Kaustubh Amte. Does the Amte name sound familiar? Right, he is the grandson of Baba Amte and son of Dr Vikas Amte.

Baba Amte set up Anandwan in 1949. The village known for resettlement and treatment of Leprosy patients. But Anandwan is much more than that; it is also a huge social experiment.

Kaustubh explained it to me, and Awadhani added some interesting facts. Read ‘Anandwan Prayogwan.’ 

The book is in Marathi but it will soon be published in Hindi and English. You will see that my copy was signed by Dr Vikas Amte.
Such books inspire! The efforts are to reach it to school children. [Contact Awadhani anandawadhani@gmail.comOR if you wish to donate for this project.] The donation will be collected and books will be reached to school children, and you will know which school has benefited as a result of your donation.

I recorded Kaustubh’s talk. Here is the video. Do watch it.

And my wife quickly took a snap! Capturing a moment when my home was transformed in to ‘Anandwan!’