What is Common in Steel Making and Relationship Building?

“You had been to Tata Steel. What’s the matter? Any problem there?” Lulu, my parrot asked.
“I am happy, Lulu, that you think problem comes first and I follow! Hahaha!” I do not like such leading questions. “I went there for a visit to the plant. Harish had organised it.”
“You saw steel making? Did you watch how steel is converted in Tata Tiscon rebars?”
“A lot of people make steel, but Tatas are special.”
“You must have heard the dealer speak about them.”
“Right. Did you get to meet some employees?”
“Yes, of course. I spoke to three of them. Heart to heart.”
“What was the tone?”
“That of gratitude. Contentment. Security.”
“Interesting. Steel making is a ‘hot’ job – the furnaces spew fire. The tall and huge structures in the plant are frightening to a common man. Everything there is so intimidating. But their employees speak in a tone of gratitude and contentment you say.”
“That’s right.”
“So dealers are very committed. Employees are also very committed. What’s the secret of this outcome?”
“You don’t know?”
“Think. Let me give you a clue. It is quite like making steel.”
“Hmmmm……. Sorry, I can’t get it.”
“Steel is made when you pass oxygen through molten iron. It removes all impurities. Relationships are strengthened when you blow trust through all interactions with people. In a sense it removes all impurities – those in the mind. Isn’t it similar?”
Vivek S Patwardhan
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