The Diary and Adventures of an Amateur Photographer UK

The Diary and Adventures of an Amateur Photographer UK

“To UK,” I said as we packed our bags. “Camera?” my DW [now you know who I am referring to, obviously the one and only, Darling Wife] asked. The smirk did not escape notice even though I had not put on my glasses. There are seemingly innocent ways in which your DW can prod you. But experience hardens you, it also tells you when to ignore, like Sachin leaving the bouncer.

“Yes, I have already packed it” I told her. When it comes to thinking, I always believe in being ahead of her.

“Battery cells and charger?” Details is her forte. I like it. We kind of complement each other there.

That’s how our second trip to Wimbledon began. Excitement is the word when you think of meeting your granddaughter. Grandchildren bring so much joy that I have a theory that good genes are passed by a couple through some unsolved DNA puzzle to the grandchildren, skipping their children. Not much research is done on this aspect; none is necessary – the theory is self-evident.

Wimbledon is where the mecca of tennis is. I had reached a few days before the tournament. The atmosphere had changed. There were flowers everywhere. Violet and Green, and white. The colours of the Club.


Watched two matches. The photographer in me woke up suddenly to find the girlish enthusiasm of Lindsay Davenport and Marie Joe Fernandes, they were taking selfies before their exhibition match.

Davenport Mary Joe Fernandes

So also when Martina Hingis and Leander Paes played a great game of tennis. It was difficult to decide who was younger between them, but I will bet my money on Martina. Her smile was captivating! They won their match and we cheered. Have I got the sequence wrong? Ok. We cheered and they won their match.

Paes and Hingis

The Wimbledon Park is just opposite the famous Club. And there is a small lake. Swans add to the beauty. I recorded a video. And also captured them on my camera.


While meandering through the Wimbledon village I also saw these riders.


The mood was Brexit or Bremain. Are you In or Out? That was the question. Even the Church asked it suggesting a different meaning. Then there was discussion about who will be the next Prime Minister. The Church had the answer ready, it was obvious to them, though many seemed to have forgotten it.




The wild life. Yes. Believe it or not, one sees fox here often in the evenings. But by the time you take out your camera, they are gone. You won’t say that same about lioness in the Woburn Safari. I took this photograph sitting in the car. That way both of us stayed happy. You can spot the happiness on her face!


And then came numerous snaps of Seagulls. Or Gulls as my granddaughter corrected me. The gd carried a book ‘Collins gem Birds.’ So she noted more than four kinds of gulls. Here was the information given to me: Voices of various Gulls are as follows: Great Black Backed Gull – kow-kow-kow, Common Gull: High pitched Key-yaa and nasal Gah-gah-gah, Lesser Black Backed Gull: Powerful and throaty Kay-ow and laughing cries, Herring Gull: Kay-ow or yah-yah-yah and mewing calls.

My two cents worth of observation is that these gulls prefer sitting at the top of something. Here is the evidence.

Although only the Herring Gull seemed to be posing for me. You meet them everywhere in the UK. In London as well as in Scotland. One snap was taken in Woburn Safari while the other snap was taken in Fort George, Scotland.








While on the board of HM yacht Britannia I spotted that another ship was visible thru one quarter of the window. “Use the back light mode” came the instruction from DW. Obedient as I am, I complied. The result is there for all to see.


I also spotted one more opportunity. A cap and a doll. On the bunker bed. Quickly drew my camera and hit the button. Such snaps are meant to be sent to photography contests. They are sheer poetry I thought. Not many takers in my family for such poetry though.


Then came a visit to the Museum. This sculpture was captivating. Clicked! Beautiful.


Then a visit to the Hampton Court Palace. The palace was beautiful. But nothing to match the happy cheerful faces of the gd and her friend when I caught them. We were playing hide and seek. If you play with your ‘gd,’ God gives you tremendous energy to run. The only trouble is that all joints ache the next day.


The experience of visiting a lavender farm is indescribable. You have to close eyes. Just take in the fresh breath, lavender does the trick to uplift your spirits.


Finally the Kew Garden. I firmly believe that the CocaCola decided on the shape of the bottle after noticing this tree. What say you?


And while leaving the court I took a photograph of this beautiful lady. Once inside the All England Tennis and Croquet Club it was love-all. You know what I mean, right? Let us meet there again next year, DW!