Diary of Amateur Photographer Wimbledon London

Diary of Amateur Photographer Wimbledon London

Diary is an interesting object, people are interested in reading other person’s diary, and so there is hope for me. I am presenting this Diary of Amateur Photographer at Wimbledon London. This is a diary because my stay here is coming to an end soon.

Accidents happen here too. With such a disciplined traffic, I had thought they were very safe. No! Men are fallible!

I had planned to visit a pub but it had remained only an item on to-do list. Till I met Nikihl Dasari.

I was invited to deliver a lecture at Aston Univ. I had addressed their MBA class last year.

A very happy moment for grandparents: Our granddaughter’s class was invited [among other students] for a performance at the Royal Albert Hall.

The Church asked a philosophical question. And then a political one. 😀

Watched a one-dayer at The Lords: South Africa v England. The hosts lost the match.

The job of security man is not the most enviable one…

Wimbledon has many parks. Some find flowers, some find solitude there.

A memorable visit to Durdle Door.

Weather changes so quickly, and holds surprise.

These are my notes in photographs. They look better than photographs in the currency notes. What say you?

Hope to come back soon…….

Vivek S Patwardhan