Pictorial Diary 2017

Pictorial Diary 2017

I present here my Pictorial Diary 2017. As I write this, I wonder why people record the events in their life. I started writing ‘morning pages’ a few years ago. For those who wish to find out about ‘morning pages’ please look up ‘Artists Way’ by Julia Cameron. In a nutshell, Julia recommends writing three pages every morning, remember three pages! You can write anything and even destroy after writing your morning pages, but it must be done everyday!!

This deceptively simple exercise [where ‘volume’ of three pages is prescribed] is an eye opener. You just can’t write three pages without getting in touch with yourself. It is such a deeply reflective and cathartic process, it helps you evolve as a better person. That is the power of a diary!

Okay, now let us take a look at my pictorial diary 2017.

January: The ‘Roots’ bug bit me. My ancestors came from a village called Agargule. It is about 15 Km south of Ratnagiri. A beautiful village. There is a story about this temple at Agargule and the one at Ganapatipule.

We celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary. We celebrated our 10th, 20th, 30th anniversary at Taj in Mumbai. So did we the 40th too. Why after ten years interval? Frankly, if you wish to have a lunch in Taj then you have to save for ten years!

In March I delivered a talk at the CII [Chennai].

And I raised funds for Rotary Club by holding a public program on ‘Managing Conflicts.’ April it was.

I raised about Rs 4 Lakhs for Rotary thru these programs.

Then we went to London. An exciting event was awaiting us. Our granddaughter, Annika was singing in Royal Albert Hall. Her class was selected for this activity. Not just audio, but even visuals created in the Hall are stunning. The entire experience brought tears repeatedly. I must have clicked more than a hundred pics. Here is one:

Annika and her friends were wearing red T Shirts and were standing below the ‘Music is for Life’ sign.

One of the item on my ‘Bucket List’ was to watch a cricket match at the Lords. I did. It was South Africa vs England. The guards however sit facing the spectators, it looks funny!!

I delivered a talk at Aston University, Birmingham.

Came June and it brought another important day. I was formally installed as President of Rotary Club of Thane Metro. My father was President of Rotary Club of Kalyan in the late seventies, and my mother was Inner Wheel member. That makes us a Rotary Family.

Sulabha, my wife, has been supportive in my work at Rotary.

In July we organised Kavyavachan program, competently compered by Surekha Mondkar. She has authoured a few books, and writes poetry.

August brought Angad in our family, in our life. Our grandson. Son to Abhishek and Swati. This pic captures the moment when he came home from hospital.

The Ganapati Festival this year was very important because we decided that the next generation will take the responsibility for organising pooja henceforth.

In September I visited Haridwar. It was my first trip there. On the full moon night I witnessed the Ganga Aarti. It was a coincidence that I was there on the full moon night. The ability of people to see HIS presence in hills, rivers and every aspect of nature is amazing! Look for ‘godliness’ in people, Osho says, not for God.

October brought in a sad event. Vilas ji, [Gandhali’s – our daughter in law’s father] our sambandhi, left for heavenly abode. A simple man who trusted people easily and went all the way to help the needy, he was a gem of a man – he touched lives of many! We will always remember him.

In November, our Rotary Club completed two major projects – of giving a Solar Power System each to the primary and secondary school at Angaon village. In addition we also gifted two e-learning integrated computers.

And in December, marriage of niece, Ashwini ….

Some achievements, some unforgettable moments fulfilling ‘Bucket list’. Birth of a grandson, passing away of a close relative and marriage of niece. The year 2017 gave everything to remind us that we must live every moment of our life consciously. This pictorial diary will always convey this message.

Out goes 2017 in a few days, in comes 2018. We do not know what it holds in store for us – whatever it is, we must accept it gracefully and gratefully.

Vivek S Patwardhan