My Top 10 Photographs 2017

My Top 10 Photographs 2017

I am an amateur photographer [The world knows it, why hide the fact?]. I use a very ordinary camera, an entry level camera to click photographs. Nikon Coolpix L310. Nikon has since discontinued this camera. Wise people, these Nikon guys! More often I use iPhone 6 camera.

Long and short of the story is that I am an shutter enthusiast, that’s all. No claim to have any skills.

That should not prevent me from presenting my top 10 photographs in 2017. I must say at the outset that these were originally colour photographs, but I have made them B&W. There is some magic about B&W photographs. I am going to try it in 2018.

1. Here is the photograph of my granddaughter Annika. Cheerful and beautiful. What say you?

2. This I clicked at the Gateway of India. The boatman in the center surrounded by flying seagulls adds to the beauty of this photograph.

3. I stay at Thane. I clicked this photograph from a foot-over bridge. The smog in the morning also tells the story of a city bustling with activity.

4. When I went to Haridwar, I witnessed Ganga aaratee. A must witness event irrespective of whether or not you are a believer.

5. This photograph taken at Durdle Door [in England] never fails to catch my attention. I wanted to catch the bird in the ‘hole’ of the door, but it was too fast for me. Birds are not known to pose for photographs.

6. This photograph was clicked at the Royal Albert Hall, London. Symmetry in everything.

7. Solitude. This was clicked in Wimbledon village. I remember Osho’s words every time I see this photograph. He said ‘one must not confuse between aloneness and loneliness.’ Right ho! Aloneness is okay, loneliness has a negative connotation.

8. And this too at Wimbledon village. Weather changes quickly sometimes.

9. This was clicked at Battersea Park in London.

10. Finally this simple one takes the cake. Quite simply the human rights respect behind it. ‘Open the Borders’. I have not changed it to B&W. The red colour is so appropriate.

My top 10 photographs. Do let me know what you think. I am still learning and persuading my darling wife to sanction purchase of a better camera. Hopefully I will get it in 2018. Wishing you a Happy New year………

Vivek S Patwardhan