Innovative Agreement at Wilo Mather & Platt

Innovative Agreement at Wilo Mather & Platt

There are a few agreements which deserve attention because they represent a certain healthy trend in employee relations. The innovative agreement at Wilo Mather & Platt belongs to that class!

Readers will recall a trend setting agreement at ASAL [Read about it HERE] or Automotive Stampings & Assemblies Ltd. The union seized initiative and offered to increase the productivity and ‘earn’ their wage increase. Such a different, and refreshing approach – thanks to Arvind Shrouti of Option Positive whose thought leadership has left indelible mark on industrial relations in Pune region. The Wilo Mather & Platt agreement distinguishes itself – it provides for sharing wealth with workers – sharing gross profits!

Similar approach was tried successfully in Wilo Mather & Platt at their plant in Pune. In this short video Mr Hemant Watve, MD & CEO of Wilo Mather & Platt Pumps P Ltd. explains how they went about it. He also explains the fundamental considerations in such an innovative agreement.

If this inspires a few to try new approaches to labour agreements based on sustainability, the purpose of this blog post will be well served!

Vivek S Patwardhan