Some Thoughts and Some Feelings

Some Thoughts and Some Feelings

Some Thoughts and Some Feelings, All Mine!

Like Why the Gandhis never erected the tallest statue of Nehru or Indira Gandhi; were they content with naming every street and institution after them, or did they lack imagination?

Like Sardar’s contribution to making of India is unfortunately not so well known to people; we deify our heroes, but forget the history.

Like while CBI men were spending time spying each other, criminals must have had a whale of a time. And mostly political leaders.

Like there is growing intolerance in our country, and it worries Rahul Gandhi and Amit Shah whose speak the language of intolerance.

Like Devendra Fadnavis studiously gives us data and analysis of any situation; and Uddhav gives us the emotional hype on it.

Like when you visit a foreign country, you return with the feeling that so much can be done and should be done in India, but is not happening.

Like there is no MeToo story from ladies employed as contract workers; and they are frequently subjected to sexual harassment.

And finally, this: Like when the index of ‘ease of doing business’ improves, ‘human development index’ goes down!

Vivek S Patwardhan