Clicks On The Move Part 1

Clicks On The Move Part 1

Photography is my hobby. After retirement from job, I had time to fiddle with camera – I mean, my mobile. The mobile cameras were improving and developing new features, a boon for amateurs like me, who did not wish to lug the heavy DSLR [and who could not afford them too]. You could ‘draw’ a smart phone quickly from your pocket like the cowboy drawing his gun, and shoot. I went one step forward. I started clicking pictures from my car. These photographs were taken on the road.

I am presenting here some of my photographs.

I clicked this from a moving a London Bus Tour. Not sure but I think this is the St. Paul Cathdral, where Diana and Charles got married.

While travelling to Pune early morning, I saw this beautiful dawn.
Bhendi Bazar in Mumbai is a crowded area. Everybody jostles for space. Cars move at snail’s pace. I did not expect a neon sign under the flyover.
This too was clicked on a London suburb street. The traffic stopped to allow the birds to cross over! I would like to see such a scene in Aamchi Mumbai.

Vivek S Patwardhan