Calm Above Water, Feet Going Crazy Below

Calm Above Water, Feet Going Crazy Below

‘Calm above water, feet going crazy below.’ That’s how I describe Himanshu Bhatt with whom I share a strong bond of friendship, and deep respect. Himanshubhai, as he is popularly called, appears calm and it is a very deceptive appearance; his mind is constantly looking for avenues to influence people, particularly HR professionals.

With Himanshubhai

We were working together in Asian Paints. Soon after joining it, he published a letter, on factory’s wall magazine, addressed to parents of school going children. It was simple, no verbiage at all, yet so impactful that I had it translated in Marathi and published it in the house magazine. I can make a long list of his small but impactful steps.

His persuasive ways and outstanding organising ability earned him not only respect, but also a good following. It is not without reason that Himanshubhai, as President, has held 90 meetings of National HRD Network’s South Gujarat Chapter – ‘uninterrupted’ as he calls it, not a single meeting was missed. This record is unparalleled, some veterans inform me.

Such is his organising ability that he manages to get sponsors for the NHRDN seminars and ensures that participants do not have to pay at all, it is free enrolment for them. One of the reason for making it free is that he does not arrange such seminars, nay workshops, on the commonly discussed subjects. The subject and the format, both are innovative.

I have been fortunate to facilitate two such workshops. The first was held in September at a L&T Facility in Surat, and the second was held in Ankleshwar on July 25. Both workshops explored the role of HR Managers in the changing landscape of employment where unconscionable practices are common. They brought about heightened awareness to social issues associated with employment practices. The experience for me as well as for the participants was unique.

Himanshu Bhatt

What explains success of every Seminar or workshop of NHRDN South Gujarat Chapter? It is Himanshubhai’s mind constantly at work hidden by his calm deportment. This quote which I read recently explains it well: ‘I’ve always had a duck personality. Calm above water, feet going crazy below.’ – K. Flay. I am proud to be your friend, Himanshubhai.

Vivek S Patwardhan

“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.”