upGrad and The Reflection of The Universe

upGrad and The Reflection of The Universe

“Chaos! Over a hundred employees of upGrad resign en masse! Oh!! What a news! See this,” I pointed out the Business Insider news to Lulu, my parrot.

“Oh! Rare isn’t it? I thought people are holding on to their jobs in these difficult times. What’s the matter?” Lulu asked as he hopped on to my shoulder and read the news on PC.

“The news story says, ‘it is not clear if these resignations were really a shock, or an intended consequence aimed at weeding out the non-performers.’ The ostensible reason is large scale transfers of employees to different cities.”

“This weeding out of so-called non-performers is well entrenched in the corporate management of many companies. It is a very debatable issue and practised in almost objectionable manner.”

“Yes, several factors contribute to lower performance of employees. Not always everything in his control. Tell me, haven’t you heard stories of ‘non-performers’ becoming star performers later?”

“Yes, indeed, I have seen a few. The tone of the letter is not respectful. See this – “travel, shopping, settling down, relaxing down etc. All of this has to happen on the off day of Monday,” it says to the employees.”

“And the news story also reports that working days of sales guys have been increased from five to six. Without compensation. Actually, they used to receive extra compensation for the sixth day work. but it is removed.”

Photo Courtesy Aditi Korgaonkar

“Did you get the central problem?”

“What’s that?”

“It is a total ‘Do as I say’ style. There is no dialogue around the problem an organization faces and no explanation.”


“It is quite likely that upGrad may be trying to solve some issues on their hand. But not taking people along, arbitrariness, is not the way.”

“You mean no industrial democracy”

“That’s a big word. But consultations are important. You transfer people en masse and stop their allowances without a dialogue. Then well-educated employees are sure to ‘speak with their feet.’ They will walk out, if not immediately then at the first opportunity. And more than a hundred did.”

“I remember that the labour laws require consultations if there is a proposed change in service conditions”

“Yes, but Unions misused it often, mainly to block any change. But tell me, do we require laws to tell us that if you wish to make a major change, you ought to talk to the people who will be affected by it?”

“So true. Hey, what are you referring to?”

“Ha, ha! Don’t read too much in what I say. Lack of consultation and autocratic leadership style are fostered in organizations because it goes unchecked. People with good conscience also get tempted to take short cuts of using power.”

“True. Actually, there is greater responsibility on the leader…..”

“Remember” Lulu interrupted me, “The unit reflects what happens in the universe.”

(Feature Photo by Christian Stahl on Unsplash)

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