Professionally Speaking About Year 2023

Professionally Speaking About Year 2023

The year 2023. I am reviewing it. Like all years gone by it is also a story of some good memorable events and some forgettable ones. But let us not talk about the forgettable ones. The forgettable events stay etched in our memory and become unforgettable!

Here is a photo-diary of professional events.

My work for BAVP’s (Babasaheb Ambedkar Vaidyakiya Pratishthan) Dr Hedgewar Hospital at Aurangabad continued. Things are changing slowly but surely at the Hospital. I was fortunate to be associated with this great institution. 

I will remember the Annual Conference 2023 of HyTech Engineers Ltd which was a great exercise in implementing their vision and values. What makes this organization different is that it has a clear philosophy of managing which weaves people management policies beautifully with lean manufacturing practices. I have not known any other organization which has implemented such well-articulated manufacturing and management practices.

I have taught Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills courses for about ten years at Tata Institute of Social Sciences. Teaching gives you insights; this course has given me plenty. This photograph was taken with the 2023 batch of HR & Labour Management students.

I published two books this year, 2023. I blogged about the issues in labour management relations extensively over the years, and I also lectured at many events. These books are a culmination of that work. I also feel that my books are the culmination of my long career in human relations and industrial relations. Grathali published the Marathi book श्रमिकांच्या अनोख्या जगात in May 2023. Mr. Satish Pradhan (former Head HR of the Tata Group) and Dr Suchita Krishnaprasad (Labour Economist) spoke at the event.

Shramik Ekta Mahasangh organized a big book launch event in Chinchwad, Pune. Mr. Sharad Gangal (Head HR, Thermax) and Mr. Shailendra Pol (Additional Labour Commissioner) spoke at this event and so did the Union Officials. Arvind Shrouti made invaluable contribution to making of this book.

And the English edition of श्रमिकांच्या अनोख्या जगात titled ‘People At Work – The Untold Story of Labour Management Relations’ was published at my alma mater NML Maharashtra Institute of Labour Studies. In December 2023. That was undoubtedly an emotional moment in my life. Thanks to the initiative of Mr. Shashank Sathe, Director.

Every year we organize Mashaal, the Leadership Training Program for healthcare providers. We organized it in June 2023 at the beautiful location of Mukteshwar in the Nainital District in Uttarakhand.

Seen in the photograph below are Dr Anurag Mishra, Dr Hitakshi Sharma and Dr Monty Khajanchi all doctors surgeons) of repute with Sujata Deshmukh, CEO of Tutul Consulting. The doctors lead from the front in organizing Mashaal (and similar) events, Sujata and I facilitate the sessions. Professionally it is an immensely satisfying experience.

I visited Atul Industries and their beautiful museum. This photograph conveys a big message. It is now my guiding force.

The new year 2024 is at the doorstep. I will enter it with the resolve to work vigorously for the people. Please be with me my friends,

Feature Photo Courtesy Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash