Accounts Fake and Original

Accounts Fake and Original

Copying is a favourite pastime of everyone.

Juniors copy the way their senior speaks. This is so pronounced in the case of secretaries that a General Manager’s secretary is called Deputy General Manager. Needless to say, this little secret is not known to either of them. Such copying happens due to long association. It is not harmful.

Singers, exponents of Classical Music I mean, copy their Guru. But then they are supposed to do it. It is a long way from copying to finding one’s original style. And people love watching an artist find his style.

Young men of my generation copied Rajesh Khanna’s hairstyle and his choice of ‘Guru Shirts.’ Girls also must have done something similar with popular heroines but honestly, I do not remember. Yes, Sadhana cut became popular, and Sadhana had copied it from Audrey Hepburn. All this is wilful copying. But benign.

Some are in a hurry. They have malevolent intentions. They are con artists. If you get to know them and grow friendship, you are sure to suffer loss – financial loss, in addition to becoming the subject of ‘how he or she did not understand such a simple thing’. Or it takes a more condescending form of ‘Look, I always warned you…’.

One person faked my Facebook account today. He copied my photograph. And my credentials. He was in dire need of money. Rs 30 Thousand to be precise. He promised to return it the next day. People can be in all sorts of difficulties, that is quite understandable. But this person was playing with the new Criminal Law passed recently, Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita. Indian Penal Code to the old timers. The person is masquerading as Vivek Patwardhan. On Facebook. (Oh, why me?)

But my friends are wise people. Alert. And the criminal-to-be taking his chance with BNS (Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita arthaat Indian Penal Code) reached out to a lady who knew me well, and was my friend on Facebook. (I have blocked her name in this screenshot.) The Criminal-in-the-making made a wrong choice for extracting money by. Ladies will never part with hard earned money, sometimes they do not give a penny to their husband, forget about giving it to an unknown criminal-on-FB! But they surely engage the criminal-on-FB in a conversation. That is what they do best, talk it over. And the criminal-in-the-making fell in the trap. Read this exchange of messages.

(Chat with the Fake Account Holder, Screenshot)

My DW (Darling Wife, you silly!) read the conversation, reviewed the situation and firmly instructed me to delete my Facebook Account. My own account, the original one I mean. No choice for me. I comply with every diktat, and promptly deleted my Facebook Account.  

You will not find me posting photographs of cats and landscapes. Or posting quotable quotes. Hereafter.

The criminal-in-the-making has not yet earned his Rs. 30K, as far as my knowledge goes. But the casualty is my original FB account.

Life is like that! I seek understanding.

PS: Feature Picture Courtesy Muhammad Naufal Subhiansyah from Pixabay