“Gaytting” it right…….!

And another interesting report from the court room.

The Delhi High Court objected to the VHP’s [Vishwa Hindu Parishad] contention that gay sex should be banned as it could cause injury to the private parts of the people indulging in the act. “In several countries where ban has been lifted (from gay sex), no one has claimed that the act is injurious. Even WHO does not say that it causes injuries to people involved in such acts,…Do you have any material to substantiate the claim that indulgence in such acts causes injury to people’s body?” the bench [the division bench of Delhi High Court headed by Chief Justice Ajit Prakash Shah and Justice S. Muralidhar] asked the organisation.

Well, it arouses interest, isn’t it? I sympathise with VHP. They could not have asked for a more difficult situation. One must help them.

Here is a link, my dear VHP men, please take a look, it may provide the evidence or at least the clue.

Our newspapers and other media are trying to convince us everyday that the most important or noteworthy problem facing this coutry is gay sex. Same sex marriages are also a big problem! It must be posing a threat greater than terrorists’ activity to society!! It is certainly creating a rift between the Government ministries. Have you not read reports to that effect already? Journalism is very much like advertising, it means overstating everything hundred percent, gone are the days of Arun Shourie and investigative journalism.

Here are two pieces worth reading: Times of India reports ….When we asked Konkona about her role [of a lesbian] in The President is Coming, she quipped, “It won’t be fair to reveal anything so soon, but after Dostana, do you think only boys should have all the fun?” Interesting question, Konkona.

And here is what another newreport says: ‘The Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Health have taken a contradictory stand on the issue with the former favouring retention of penal provisions which make a homosexual act a criminal offence. The Health Ministry, on the other hand, is in favour of scrapping the penal provision.

Let us get one thing right…. we have almost unsurmountable problems everywhere and let us sort those out, let us bring the great, inspiring aspect of people’s personality out in focus.