SMS your judgement, my Lord!

The greatest invention of recent times is clearly ‘sms’. The world remains in touch with you through sms. It has become already the most preferred mode of communication. If you receive sms, then etiquettes demand that you should respond to it immediately. Time is the essence in this world now and you can not be out of sync with it.

People send sms while driving, while attending lectures [this, I am told, is a national pastime], while listening to the speaker and absolutely at any time they think fit. If you are bored attending a lecture or a presentation, you send sms to all present indicating that you are bored, the lecturer or presenter does not even know what is going on in the room.
So if a judge keeps on sending sms when it is crystal clear to him that the guilt is established, how can you find a fault with him? This is what the news report says:

Convinced about the guilt of the accused, Justice Kaul [of Delhi high Court] was not to be distracted by the SMSs sent by the president of the court martial. He said: “The allegation that the president of the court martial had not applied his mind while holding the trial has not been substantiated.” “Merely because some SMSes were sent by the president on a particular day or two would not reflect the non-application of mind by the president of the court martial, more so when the accused was duly represented by defence counsel who has cross-examined each and every witness throughout the trial and has made all objections whatever available to him while recording of the evidence of those witnesses,” Justice Kaul said.

We will let you know our response through an sms, my Lord!