Mee Shivaji Raje Bhosale Boltoy

The theaters were running house full. My friends asked me to watch the movie ‘Mi Shivaji Raje Bhosale Boltoy’ [Shivaji speaking].

It was obvious that this was based on the ‘Munnabhai….’ theme. In Lage Raho Munnabhai, Mahatma Gandhi secretly mentors and guides the protagonist, Munnabhai to do good deeds. This arrangement opens infinite possibilities for humor as well as spreading message of good deeds and positively influencing world around you by adopting non-violence. It is handled very deftly and which lead to success at box office.

Shivaji, the demi-god for millions, stands for courage, for valour, for turning table on his enemies, for independence. It was a great idea to plan a movie on the lines of Munnabhai. An ordinary citizen, particularly the residents of Mumbai, feels helpless in the face of a corrupt government, builders’ lobby and insensitivity to his problems.

So the scenario had everything going for Manjrekar, the producer and Director who also plays the role of Shivaji. The film begins by showing how ‘Marathi Manoos’ is humiliated by one and all [mainly the people from other states]. He is hounded by builder-underworld combine to give up his old home at prime location. This is when he decides to fight back and is blessed by Shivaji Raje himself. In difficult situations, he is inspired by the events in Shivaji’s life and adopts a strategy to fight inspired by them. The script would have been great if they had not over emphasised ‘Marathi Manoos’ [let me clarify that I am one too] and ended the movie by giving people a message that they must elect their representatives at assembly and parliament who are responsible towards the citizens.

Even if they had not emphasised the marathi manoos to this extent the message would have reached the masses, after all only marathi people will be watching this movie. Subtlety of message is not the strength of this film. On the positive side, the technical aspects seem to be good, dialogues are exceptionally well written. Film may be worth watching once, but I returned home feeling that a good plot was not fully exploited, and yes perhaps the director seems to be campaigning for MNS, a local political party that is championing the cause of marathi manoos! That does not go well with me in a commercial movie.

A good ball in cricket often does not take the wicket. This is metaphorically speaking such a ball.