My Honest Confession!

Lulu, the parrot, was sitting on my shoulder when I read Sucharita’s blog.

‘You have this bad habit of reading what I read on the internet’ I admonished Lulu.

‘Oh, I am really sorry. We parrots believe it is our birth-right to read along with our master. By the way, are you going to make honest confessions like Sucharita did? She has asked the readers of her blog to make an honest confession’ Lulu said.

‘Hmmm….I think I should. It is a good suggestion’ I said, ‘besides who would not like to talk about himself?’

‘Very few talk something about themselves that matters’ Lulu said, with a flutter of his wings,’ Those are usually who tell it all in their biographies’.

‘Well, I do not intend to write my biography; and even if I did there is nothing in my life that will make it juicy and spicy’ I said.

‘Oh yes, timidity helps many lead a good virtuous life!’ Lulu laughed. ‘Or at least create the image of living so. The courageous will create controversies. Those are not necessarily ‘affairs with women’. It requires even greater courage to introspect on life and its controversies. Making honest confessions after such reflections will ‘clear the inner space’. Lulu said dancing on my head.

‘Hmmmm… I see your point. Strong feelings associated with such events always interfere’.

‘So are you going to make honest confessions?’

‘That’s a difficult one. I would rather be like Jayawant Dalvi, one of the greatest authors in Marathi. He wrote his biography and called it ‘Atma-Charitraa-Aivajee’ meaning ‘Instead of autobiography’ admitting in the Preface that he did not have the courage to ‘tell it all!’

‘So you are saying that you in good company! You are not courageous, but you are very clever!!’ Lulu said flying away.