Hello Everybody….

Hello everybody,

Returned my company provided laptop, car and gadgets to them. That explains the long absence. And one more reason….

And I have gone in exile [words borrowed from my friends] to Durban,South Africa. Some allege that I have fled the country [why should I? This is reserved for independent directors now!].

Some say that since I have never followed Ahimsa, and observed the Gandhian philosophy only in its breach [I have disputed this and never admitted this charge] it is only in fitness of things that I should do the opposite of what Gandhiji did, symbolically, that is move from India to South Africa.

The truth is that I am visiting my daughter and I intend to return. My well wishers [oh, how words can mean the exact opposite!] point out that such is the behaviour of all criminals, they invariably return to the place of crime! But then one should not read too much in coincidences, I trust you will understand!!

Setting up things here, I will soon be in touch with you regularly,

So long,