Some Reflections and Thoughts [June 8]

Now that I moved from northern to southern hemisphere, some things are look so similar and some giving ‘alternate perspective’:

– Like it was hot and humid summer in Mumbai while it is wet and cold winter in Durban

– Like South Africa’s very powerful Union COSATU is protesting against Ms Helen Zille, Premier of West Cape province for having an all-male council. There may be a lesson for Sharad Yadav to learn!

– Like Sharad Yadav’s comparison of himself with Socrates is very interesting though a little less than correct. The world lost a great thinker and philosopher in Socrates….. I am awaiting the reaction of Mrs Yadav, she seems to be caught between politics and poison!

– Like no form was required to be filled up on arrival in Johannesburg. The passport officer stamps your passport and if you have nothing to declare you go home. This gives me the hope that Governments can make their administration very simple and user friendly.

– Like we [in India] live in bad housing colonies but with no real security threat. And people abroad live in excellent housing but with armed security guards. And that I find it difficult to say what I would prefer.

– Like South Africa and India both had sections of society facing the issue of ‘exclusion’ and that both seem to have reacted incorrectly to it.

– Like man’s tendency to see a woman as his property is so evident in both the societies; in South Africa it is obvious, in India it is not otherwise.

– Like criminal record of political leaders is an issue of concern in both the countries. And I tend to think that it is perhaps a ‘global’ issue.

– And this is one for the road….Like it will be interesting to see the response of the journalists to ear-twisting Finance Minister. Will we see more journalists throwing shoes at ministers or will we see more ministers twisting ears of journalists? In either case, the common man will be the winner!