Some Reflections And Thoughts [May 18]

The election fever is dying down and all eyes are on who will be included in cabinet and what will be portfolio allocation. Here are my reflections and thoughts on recent events, a la Busybee, all my own:

– Like BJP and CPM have “persuaded” their failed leaders LK Advani and Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee respectively to continue to hold their respective positions. In politics the failed leader is valued [I cannot figure out why] unlike the corporate world where they are booted out summarily.

– Like it only goes to show that performance does not count.

– Like people threw shoes at some candidates, all of whom have won their elections!

– Like a new trend may now start inviting ‘professional shoe throwers’ at candidates to ensure win in elections; and that it may provide some job opportunities.

– Like I wonder whether Raj Thackeray wanted to win some parliament seats or settle his score with Shiv Sena.

– Like I agree with Kumar Ketkar’s view that we seem to confuse between stability of the government, stability of economy and stability of nation.

– Like I will miss Lalu Prasad as a Railways Minister. Notwithstanding his peculiar ways there can be no doubt that he was efficient and left a mark on the job.

– And, finally, Sonia Gandhi has everything going her way. She has finished her political rivals and the murderer of her husband, Prabhakaran of LTTE, is dead.

– Vivek