Hand of Destiny, Clairvoyance and Synchronicity

As a young science student, I never believed in dreams coming true, coincidences and synchronicity. But gradually experience started taking toll.

The provocation for writing this comes from Shivani, one of the brilliant students of HR. Shivani and I along with a few other students went out for lunch at ‘Oasis’, a restaurant. She mentioned that she had dreamt of having lunch at oasis with all of us previous night!

Two decades ago, my wife Sulabha, and I were having our morning cup of tea. She mentioned that she dreamt that a certain Mr X, a senior manager, had left the organisation and we had moved into his flat! At this juncture I was staying in my own flat and I did not see even a remote possibility of X leaving the organisation. So I laughed it off as a funny dream. On reaching office I narrated the dream to X, my friend. He too laughed and then quietly disclosed that indeed he was quitting, and was amazed as to how Sulabha could have dreamt about it. Some turns and twists happened in my personal life and X invited me to occupy his flat which I did!

So many memories of ‘Clairvoyance’ came to my mind when Shivani narrated her dream and in lighter vein declared herself a Clairvoyant. Synchronicity is another event that has always gripped my attention.

I have often found that many a times I find answers to my deep concerns in books I pick up and open randomly. Many friends have confirmed that they too have experienced it. I know at least two persons who open a page of Bhagavad-Gita every day randomly because they feel that the God points to solutions to the day’s problems in the message contained in verses that they read on the randomly opened page.

I once met Mr. Chandrakant Khot, an eminent Marathi author, at a friend’s marriage. We both spent time together at that event discussing his writing. Mr. Khot who was writing then a novel on Sai Baba of Shirdi, told me that he was not at all a follower of Sai Baba, in fact he often thought of Sai Baba as the god of people with ‘high risk businesses’. But there were some twists and turns and he had some experiences that made him a devotee. [Incidentally a friend in South Africa, told me a similar such personal story; he has since then become a follower of Satya Shri Sai Baba]. Mr. Khot’s personal experiences as well as my South African friend’s personal experiences are not narrated here for their privacy must be respected; but suffice it to say that they are full of synchronicities.

C Subramaniam [former Governor of Maharashtra] narrates an interesting story of synchronicity. I am reproducing below an excerpt from his memoirs [autobiography] ‘Hand of Destiny’:

My grandfather died in July 1926, and there was a significant – one my call it divine – coincidence. Chinnu Maharaj [paternal uncle of C Subramaniam] was being initiated into Sannyasa Ashram by his Guru at Ootacamund on the full moon day of the month of Adi [Ashada] and was given the name Swami Chidbhavananda. When one takes Sannyasa, he has to perform the last rites for his parents. [My note: Chinnu’s mother was no more by this time.] And Chinnu performed these rites duly. The same evening my grandfather [Note: Chinnu’s father], who was seated in a chair talking to some people at Pollachi, suddenly ran his finger over his nose and passed away. [My note: Swami Shivananda to whom Chinnu referred to as Mahapurushji Maharaj considered Chinnu’s father as a ‘truly silent Yogi’.]

Son performs the last rites of a living father and he dies! I think from ‘complete non-believer’ I turned ‘curious’; and I think today I am a ‘believer’ in Clairvoyance and Synchronicities!
How about you?