Jet Airways, Air India and ‘Padosan’

People of my generation have watched the movie ‘Padosan’ several times. It has many hilarious scenes. In one of them an angry Bhola [Sunil Dutt] approaches Masterji [played by Mehmood] to slap him. Mehmood warns Sunil Dutt not to move forward, but he ignores the threat and continues to walk towards Mehmood with agreesive stance.

Mehmood now raises his voice and sternly warns him again not to move forward, but Sunil Dutt continues to walk threateningly walking towards him to slap Mehmood.

When Mehmood warns him again not to move forward, Sunil Dutt asks him what would he do if he continued to move towards him with a raised hand?

Mehmood answers ‘I will move back’!

It is interesting to see the scene getting be re-enacted in real life! In case you have missed the point, watch the threats [closure of airline, dismissal of pilots Praful Patel’s ‘Resume work or Face Action’] of Naresh Goyal, the Jet Airways Chairman and Praful Patel, the Civil Aviation Minister delivered to pilots repeatedly, and see the outcome!!