On Sachin, Kambli and Lulu’s Chillies

‘Tendulkar is always reaching some landmark or other.’ I said holding newspaper to Lulu, my parrot. ‘I really admire the boy.’ I said.
‘Oh yes, he is a genius’ Lulu said.
‘Playing twenty years at such a high level of performance is really extra-ordinary.’ I said.
‘Well, you missed out the most important word ‘Consistently’. He is playing consistently at high level of performance. That is the difference between him, the genius, and the ordinary.’ Lulu spoke with the tone of my school teacher.
‘It must have been really difficult. After twenty years in my service I felt like running away from industry and started looking forward to retirement.’
‘Hmmmm…’ Lulu preferred eating chillies.
‘But look at the other side. He lost time at home, so little he could give to his family. He has not seen his children grow. He must have missed several family functions.’
Lulu stuck to eating chillies.
‘And in his prime youth, he rarely partied. He does not drink. He must follow strict diet prescribed by his team doctors.’
‘These chillies are mouth watering’ Lulu said, ignoring my observations on what Sachin lost.
‘And Sachin has stayed away from girls! Girls must have been after him like bees!! Looked at it the other way what a life to waste!! I think leading life like a normal person also has great advantages. It has its own set of pleasures!!!’

‘Nothing wrong about enjoying life that way. But then you land up becoming Vinod Kambli and not Sachin Tendulkar.’ Lulu said. ‘The trouble is you behave like the mediocre and yet wish to be recognised as a genius!’ Lulu resumed eating chillies.

‘Those chillies must have been really very pungent’ I said.