Old man and The C[omputer]

Getting old makes me feel low, why hide those feelings? My friends assure me that I am not an old man. Of course, my wife disagrees!

The desire to stay young grows higher as diabetes, blood pressure and their accompaniments keep raising their head. There are many ways to stay young [in spirit]. Booze and Blogs are two things that raise your spirits high. While the former is very effective, and its use is recommended only with discretion [yes with discretion, I repeat; lest people draw wrong inference about me – when you blog you have to worry about how you project yourself, man!], the use of latter brings to you a lot of new friends from blogosphere. For the lonely [and old, it is obvious] soul who has disconnected his ties with his little world [or vice versa, why take the blame?] it is so touching!

But there are young people who are interested in what old people do! I have documentary evidence now. And they are the freelance writers [may their tribe grow!]. They kind of remind the society that there are good minds at work albeit old.

Here is one such report in the Times of India, Do read it [Link]