No stomach for nonsense, Aishwarya!

How is your health? Lulu asked sitting atop my TV.

I am fit as a fiddle, I said. Who is interested in my well being Lulu? Everybody seems to be interested in Aishwarya’s health.

Oh, yes. Lulu said. Amitabh has served a notice to Filmfare and the ‘Tabloid’ that published the false story on her health.

She must be obviously upset, and one can understand her feelings, I said. The report mentioned that her stomach tuberculosis was coming in the way of her conceiving now.

These journalists surely don’t suffer from any cerebral tuberculosis. Otherwise they wouldn’t be able to conceive of weird stories, Lulu twitted.

Oh, stop your PJs! I said. This is a serious matter, and Aishwarya as well as Bachchans conduct themselves so well in public; they do not deserve such treatment! I said. Aishwarya has withdrawn from dance performance, Bachchans are boycotting Filmfare function. And Balki is also not attending!

Balki who? Lulu asked.

He is the Director of Paa, the Amitabh-Abhishek starrer that has received nominations for awards. He is showing solidarity with them. Not that it matters, but that is the way of Bollywood. I answered.

Really? Why are other actors attending? No protest from them? Does it mean that they are not with Bachchans? I am afraid that such number is not going to be small. Where does it take Bachchans? Lulu asked

Hmmmm….. Well, each one on his own! And Amitabh is not Raj Thackeray whose word is the law in Mumbai. Or whose actions are not taken cognisance of by the Government of Maharashtra. Amitabh is a gentleman and he is angry, but he has decided for himself and family, he is not telling the world what to do. He is not the one to bash up people for their misdemeanours. He just writes his blog and vents out his anger, although on screen he is just like Raj Thackeray! I said.

Oh, how screen persona is different from the real one! Nothing will come out of it. Sometimes nonsense needs to be ignored. Just keep quiet and allow these things to die. ‘Pregnant silence’ is what I would recommend to Aishwarya. Lulu said laughing and flying away.