My ‘Moving’ Story

“Tut, tut……” Lulu said, “You look so hassled. What’s the matter?”

“Well…..we have just moved to our new house; it is an apartment in a good condominium. And my wife cries every day!”

“Yes, I think I understand. Two things happen when you move to a new place: First, you do not find objects quickly in the new house, and second, you find many objects which were considered ‘lost’ in the old house!” Lulu, my parrot, said laughing.

‘I wonder how parrots get this insight! I have never seen parrots shifting their nests.” I said, “But if you ever shift out of your nest, you will understand my feelings.”

“But why is your wife unhappy?” Lulu enquired.

“Can’t say she is unhappy” I clarified, “But certainly she is certainly not comfortable.”

“Really? What’s the matter? You have such a nice view from your drawing room. One doesn’t get to see a bush in Mumbai; you can see a farm!”

“Oh yes, and that is so refreshing. I have my morning tea sitting near the window.” I said.

“The evening breeze storms through your house, the entire house is oriented westwards so it is sure to bring cheer” Lulu said.

“Indeed it is so! In Mumbai’s wind lashed monsoon or semblance of a winter, all you need is a nice book in hand and a drink to uplift your spirit further. Masala Chai [tea] or a whisky and soda depending on the mood.”

“Your apartment is on the 12th floor! That will make it immensely enjoyable.” Lulu said.

“Actually that’s where the problem is.” I said.

“? ? ?”

“She is hates this high rise building. The closed elevators make her extremely uncomfortable.” I explained.

“I am sorry, but I won’t be able to understand this problem” Lulu said, “We birds do not require an elevator to reach the top of any building.”

“That reminds me. When we entered our new house, there were three pigeons sitting on a window grill and looking at us curiously.”

“Not curiously, my friend!” Lulu said angrily, “They were unhappy and sad. They had realized that your housekeeping staff had removed their nest from your window and placed in on the terrace of the building.”

“Did they do that? I didn’t know. They lost their home and what even if the nest is kept on terrace, it does not make things better.”

“Was that any different for your wife? Wasn’t moving out of old home painful for her? And you thought it was all about fear of high places and elevators! What rubbish!!”

“Ok, ok. I see your point. Hmmmm… that you have mentioned it, I am actually able to see how true your point is.” I said. “But Lulu, why this smirk?”

“Tut, tut, tut, tut…”Lulu laughed, and said rubbing his head on my neck, “You actually understood pigeons better than your wife! Do you get me?”