Predicting Future

“Did you read the news? Did you watch the games, Lulu?” I asked.
“Yes, of course. The first and the third place in the World Cup was so keenly fought.” Lulu said.
“Come on Lulu, your predictions proved dead wrong in both the cases. You should feel ashamed of such forecasts. Look at Paul, the Octopus. He makes predictions which come true almost every time.” I said.
“So what? From now on, do you realise that Paul’s and my predictions will help people in the same way?”
“You sound like a Congress Party worker now. How can you have same value like Paul with this your horrible track record.”
“It is simple. People must consult me and then bet on the opposite. I seem to have a special talent for picking the loser every time! Even that should help isn’t it?”
“Hmmm…. A very strange case of opposites having the same utility value!”