The Players in Entertainment Industry

Did you read what Pranab Mukherjee says? Lulu asked, “He says – It (inflation) is a matter of concern, no doubt. But… there is no magic lamp through which you can bring it down or raise it… I do hope it would stabilise after good crop prospects, which is likely to happen during this kharif season.”

“Good! He is keeping an eye on the inflation. As a Finance Minister he should!! It is so heartening that he is at it.” I said.

“And here is what the Reserve Bank of India Deputy Governor KC Chakrabarty says – “Whatever steps we take, hope is always there that they will work.”” Lulu said laughing.

“I have not understood why you are laughing Lulu” I said angrily.

“I was just thinking whether we need a Finance Minister and an RBI Deputy Governor at all if what they say is true.” Lulu continued, “And Kapil Sibal is flaunting a $ 35 laptop. That is a part of a push to provide high-quality education to students across the country’ he says.”

“With so many politicians opening colleges and management institutes to make money, do you really think Kapil is on the right track? Quality education cannot be given by launching a low cost computer; he needs to change the system that is generating low quality education. Several thousand engineers who pass out of colleges are unemployable today!” I complained.

“There is a common thread! Pranab and the Deputy Governor have left it to the rain God to bring down inflation. The statement of the Deputy Governor is laughable! They seem to believe that nothing much can be done!! Kapil Sibal is clever, he is showing what catches public eye, but he too is not doing much to change the inefficiencies in the system.”

“I think Akshay Kumar has read them well.” I said.

“What’s that?” Lulu asked.

“Akshay is showing his film ‘Khatta Meetha’ that deals with corruption and issues faced by the common man to political figures and bureaucrats.”

“Really? What’s the game?” Lulu asked.

“He wants ‘tax-exemption’ for his film.”

“I think Akshay, Pranab, Deputy Governor of RBI and Kapil are all in the same business.” Lulu observed.


“Aren’t they all entertaining the common man?” Lulu said laughing and flying away.