Corruption, Common Man and The Dictator!

‘Hello Lulu, where had you been? Long time no see.’ I said to Lulu, my parrot who had just landed on my shoulder.
‘Oh, I was in Delhi.’
‘Really? Why in the capital at this time?’
‘That is where the money is, your Mumbai may be commercial capital but Delhi is the corruption capital.’
‘That is a bit harsh, Lulu. Capitals of all nations are more corrupt than their other cities. It is after all the power centre. And power corrupts.’
‘Yes power corrupts. But don’t throw that Lord Atkins quote at me. It is not the whole truth. Power corrupts the corruptible. Not others.’ Lulu said emphatically.
‘Hmmm…That is a powerful one! You mean one must be of ‘easy virtue’ to move from being honest to corrupt. I understand.’
‘But that does not bother me so much.’
‘Then?’ I enquired.
‘What bothers me is the rate at which mega corruption stories are coming out in press. Kalmadi, Adarsh Society, Raja, Nira Radia and now we have Allahabad High Court judges. From corruption involving money to moral corruption we have everything in newspapers now.’
‘Yes I read that the Supreme Court said that ‘there is something rotten there.’ They referred to Uncle Judges in Allahabad High Court. It is I believe a take on the quote from Hamlet.’
‘The common man is like a Prince of Denmark. All his uncles, Kalmadis, Rajas, Lalus, Ashok Chavans, have let him down, betrayed him.’ Lulu said.
‘What should be done? Or what can be done? What will happen?’
‘Nothing will happen because nobody will do anything.’
‘I feel angry and I feel helpless!’ Lulu said.
‘Me too!’ I joined Lulu.
‘Sometimes I feel that Balasaheb Thackeray is right! He had got it right long back.’ Lulu said.
‘What did he say?’
‘He said this country needs a dictator!’
‘Not much hope there, there is already enough corruption in Armed Forces!’ I said, as Lulu flew away.