So what, Mr. Common Man?

‘Too much is being made out of these silly things!’ Lulu complained.
‘What are you referring to Lulu?’ I asked.
‘These Wikileaks stories. As if they are virtual atom bombs.’
‘Well, the stories carried by have put the leaders in the world’s most powerful nation in extreme embarrassment. Moreover nobody is denying them; they must be true.’ I said.
‘Looks like Ms Hillary Clinton still likes to do what the ladies do at kitty parties. She asked her diplomats to find out whether Ms Christina, the President of Argentina, was taking medicine for her moods.’
‘Ha ha! They said ‘President Dmitry Medvedev plays “Robin” to Vladimir Putin’s “Batman”.’
‘Very interesting. What did they say about George Bush?’ Lulu enquired.
‘Did not read anything about it. That is a nice thing about genuinely being funny. Like Lalu. People make fun. And the leaders like Lalu and Bush do not take it seriously too.’ I said.
‘Tell me, why are people so afraid of Wikileaks?’ Lulu asked.
‘Aare bhai, nange se khuda bhi darta hai! When you put everything out there in the open, there are no defences, no facades, no veils. The diplomats are so scared if this armour is removed.’
‘Is Ratan Tata a diplomat?’ Lulu asked.
‘No. Why are you asking such funny question, Lulu?’
‘Then why is he pressing right to privacy?’ Lulu asked.
‘Well, the Niira Radia tapes were not meant to be for public audience. People let down the guard in private conversations. Tata thinks that the tapes are tarnishing his image, perhaps of his group too.’
‘Does Mukesh think so?’

‘The press intruded his privacy long back. He is keeping quiet. Wise man. Do you think such outcry on impropriety or nexus in some cases, builds up public opinion in India?’ I asked.
‘Who cares? Look at the extravagant expenditure in the two marriages – of Narayan Rane’s son and Nitin Gadkari’s son. Anil Ambani is building a tower in Pali Hill, it will rise 150 mtrs. He is reportedly competing with Mukesh in that area too! Mukesh got his first electricity bill of 70 lakhs for his new home Antilia! It represents average power bill of 7000 homes!! Too much is being made out of these silly things!’ Lulu said sarcastically, and continued, ‘Didn’t Miller say ‘You probably wouldn’t worry about what people think of you if you could know how seldom they do! These leaders have understood it.’’