You got It Right Mr. Premji, But….

‘I was reading newspapers till recently. Now I feel that I am reading some crime journals.’ I said to Lulu, my parrot. ‘Things really have gone bad; or from bad to worse!’
‘I agree. There is a big story for India every week. But these stories are unfinished; nobody knows how and when they will end.’ Lulu responded.
‘That they will end in acquittal of the accused is clear to everybody.’ I said.
‘Yes. But I am sick of those stories. Let us change the topic. I do not want to discuss those stories – whether it is Aadarsh or Barkha Dutt or Niira Radia.’ Lulu reacted sharply.
‘Ok, Ok.’
‘Did you hear that Azim Premji has donated Rs 8800 Crores for charity? Isn’t that very good news?’ Lulu asked.
‘Oh Yes. He and his Foundation are doing great work in the field of education. I would say it is unparalleled. And what I like about it is that he has given money for education of Indians unlike Tata or Anand Mahindra. They donated money to their universities abroad.’ I said.
‘Azim Premji stands out always. The foundation wants to significantly ‘contribute to achieve quality universal education that facilitates a just, equitable, humane and sustainable society’. Lulu said. ‘There is, of course, a hitch; Premji needs to do more than just imparting education.’
‘What’s that Lulu?’
‘Ashok Chavan is a science graduate and holds masters degree in business administration. A Raja is also a science graduate and a lawyer! Niira Radia has studied abroad, in England, in excellent schools and graduated from Warwick.’
‘Education has nothing to do with character building or integrity of a person. QED. I would rather trust good old Anna Hazare more! Who will teach values to the next generation; who will be the role model?’ Lulu asked rubbing his head on my shoulder.