An Indecent Proposal to Mr. Obama

“Hi, what do you think of killing of Osama?” Lulu, my parrot asked, circling over my head.

“Quite a daring act, I will say. I thought only Israelis were capable of such a feat.”

“Yes, they did such daredevil acts decades ago. These commandos come out with stunning performance.” Lulu said.

“The US commandos raided a target in Pakistan without intimation and finished the operation by the time they got to know.” I said with a serious tone.

“Oh! Our Government could not arrest or kill Veerappan in our own country.” Lulu reminded me of the past.

“Don’t talk of our Government! They are good for nothing. And this is the second occasion on which USA has dug out a man from his hideout and killed him. It was Saddam first.” I said.

“And they took ten years to kill him!” Lulu said.

“So what if they did, but they got him alright finally! Hmmm….Hmmm….”

“What are you thinking about?”

“Hmmm….Hmmmm… A thought crossed my mind.” I said.

“What’s that? Tell me, I am getting curious.” Lulu said.

“What’s the real difference between Dawood and Obama?”

“Do you mean Osama?” Lulu asked.

“No….Obama. I mean Barack Obama.”

“Dunno, what have you on your mind?” Lulu asked.

“Both do similar acts! Both issue death threats, both carry it out swiftly. What’s the real difference between Dawood and Obama?

“Well, Obama does it with tax payers’ money while Dawood demands it from the victim himself!” Lulu laughed.

“So why not ask Obama to bump off Dawood? Pay him our tax payers’ money if you like!” I suggested in low tone and voice.

“That is interesting. Crazy but interesting!” Lulu danced with excitement. “Do you think Obama is serious about wiping out terrorism from the face of the earth?” Lulu asked.

“Looks like he is. He says so.”

“Then we should give ‘Supari’ to USA to bump off Dawood. He too is camping in Pakistan. And US Pakistan relations are at an all time low. This is the moment to do it!” Lulu shouted. “But there is one problem… a big problem!”

“What’s that, Lulu?” I asked.

“Obama thinks his life’s mission is achieved by killing Osama.”

“So what?” I asked, puzzled.

“The trouble is that Dr. Manmohan Singh also thinks that his life’s mission is achieved by keeping Dawood out of this country, even if alive.” Lulu said with a sad note, and continued to look skywards. “Forget it man, live and let live!” Lulu said fluttering his wings.