Some Thoughts And Feelings May 20

Some thoughts and some feelings, all my own:
Like the discovery of the latest IPL season was Gabriela, the cheer leader girl of Mumbai Indians. She has been flooded with offers for her story. Will any Indian cricketer ever write the details in his autobiography about what goes on in the parties after the game? Perhaps it may not sell. I hope writing from her home in South Africa and the money involved will give her greater courage to tell it all!
Like Osama is dead but we want Dawood. And I feel that it was all started by Advani.
Like Kanimozhi has been denied bail in a scam for Rs. 200 Crore bribe. It was interesting to see that the argument of lawyers was that she is a woman and should be shown greater consideration. I wonder if such arguments are advanced when poor ladies are on trial.
Like Mamata has said that the WB State is on the brinks of bankruptcy and that she will work day and night for seven days continuously without any rest. Will  Prithviraj Chavan and Ajit Pawar say and work like Mamata? And I feel sad that they have not thought of it at all.
Like Sachin and Shane will be locking horns today. And this reminds me of Muhammad Ali – Joe Frazier boxing fight. I feel privileged to witness it.
Like Shilpa Shetty has denied that she is pregnant. She could have maintained pregnant silence about it, there was no need to confirm or deny it. But I also pity these stars who are under scanner all the time.
Like I am a great fan of ‘Candid Camera’ series, and it is now regularly telecast. I wonder if they will telecast ‘Here’s Lucy.’ They should. There are thousands who will watch it.
Like so much is being written about ‘Tab’ and iPad. And I am confused as ever about which one to buy and whether to buy at all, I mean how will it help me?
Like I would strongly recommend that the gadget to buy is iPod. It is a technology marvel and great companion.
And finally Air India is like a cancer patient in the terminal stage. What could have been the reaction of JRD Tata who was so passionate about the airline even after nationalisation? Tatas should take over Air India, it will then work well.