The Holiday Dialogues

“Packing your bags? Looks like you are planning to travel.” Lulu, my parrot, commented as he flew in my room.
“Yes Lulu. I will be going to Shimla, Kulu and Manali with my wife.” I said.
“That’s great. Second honeymoon, huh?” Lulu nudged me.
“How unromantic to keep count of honeymoons, Lulu!”
“Oh Yes” Lulu laughed. “North is one direction I will not fly now.”
“No problem even if you fly to my hotel Lulu. I don’t know what I will be talking to my wife for ten days. I must search if there is any book on the internet that suggests ‘conversations with your wife on a holiday.’”
“Ha Ha! They say people communicate better with silence.” Lulu suggested.
“Well, she does not think so.”
“Talk about movies.”
“I have not seen many of late and slept thru one of them. She was very angry, did not speak a word to me on our way from the theatre to home.”
“Talk about books that you read recently.” Lulu.
“It does not interest her.”
“Talk about Ramdev Baba or Anna Hazare.” Lulu suggested.
“Now, you are being funny, and I am not interested in discussing hunger strikes.”
“I think you should just be spontaneous. Speak whatever comes to your mind. Straight from heart.”
“That is a great suggestion. I think it will work well. Thanks Lulu.”
“Yes, it will work well as long as you do not spontaneously talk about any sweet young thing in the vicinity. Have a great trip.” Lulu laughed and flew away.