Datta Iswalkar – Dinner with Ten

At THRG we have been experimenting with various formats of interaction to enrich our knowledge and perspectives.

It began with series of ‘talks.’ Then we asked why not work with a theme? So we worked with a theme last year – it was ‘Telescoping in to Future.’
This year’s theme is ‘Uncorking the Mind.’ Obviously to focus on creativity in our work.
So we revisited interaction formats. And now there is a new format called ‘Dinner with Ten.’ Ten of us Core Team members have dinner with a person whom we would like to listen to.
We invited Anand Awadhani, MD of Unique Features to talk to us about their activities. They do outstanding work in social research. We became aware of many facts and issues which would not have caught our attention but for the Dinner with Ten, or more precisely Dinner with Awadhani in the instant case. Result: All donated sets of books worth Rs 4000 to 20000 to various needy schools in Maharashtra.
Yesterday [July 1] we invited Mr Datta Iswalkar to dinner with us. It was an unforgettable evening. Sharad Gangal [Thermax], Dipak Gadekar and Anil Joshi [Voltas], Daisy Garud [ICICI], Anil Kshatriya [AK Placements], Alok Sheopurkar [HDFC AMC], Prashant Karmalkar [ex Accenture, now with Circular Angle], and Anirudha Deshmukh dined with Dattaji.
You will recall the role Datta Iswalkar played in Bandh Girni Kamgar Sanghatana, read about him here [Link]