On Sports, Romance and Corruption

Some thoughts and feelings, all mine….
Like Federer seems to be losing the motivation to play competitive tennis. And I feel sad to see my hero lose in every major tournament.
Like the test match between West Indies and India is a game that reminds me of Kanga league matches. Aspiring test cricketers play there on a bad pitch.
Like watching Wimbledon is more enjoyable than watching West Indies v India test match. But I feel sad at the absence of Indians in the top league of the Men’s and Women’s singles. Billiards, Hockey, Badminton, Cricket, Shooting, Wrestling are some sports where we have produced world class players, not Tennis! Perhaps with the sole exception of Vijay Amrithraj.
Like I admire Saina for both talent and consistency of performance. Not Sania.
Like Preity Zinta said ‘I can’t be dating [Brett] Lee every year.’ And I wonder if the implied meaning is that the choice of dating needs to be made every year. Even so, I would like to ask, ‘Well, why not, Preity?’
Like Shane Warne’s romance with Elizabeth Hurley reminds me of [perhaps GB Shaw’s] famous quote ‘Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience!’ But some people never learn.
Like it is shocking that Maria Susairaj is getting invited to join ‘Big Boss.’ Earlier we saw Monica Bedi, the companion of Terrorist Abu Salem enter Big Boss. The route to entry in Big Boss goes through prison and crime!
And finally this: Like Narayan Rane will draft the law to protect scribes from attackers and Pappu Kalani has put up a hoarding urging citizens to stop corruption. What if they swap roles? Pappu Kalani drafts the law protecting the scribes from gangsters and Rane urges people to stop corruption?

PS: Wikipedia on Pappu Kalani: 
Pappu Kalani is an Indian criminal-politician from Ulhasnagar (a suburb of Mumbai, India). After emerging as the leader of an organized crime syndicate in the 1980s, he won elections for the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly in 1986 with the Indian National Congress party,. He won 1990 elections as Indian National Congress, 1995, 1999 elections as Independent and has been elected continuously from this seat since then, including two elections in the period 1992–2001 when he was in jail on murder charges. His formal name is Suresh Budharmal Kalani and Pappu may be a nickname, though he prefers it as part of the formal name, writing Suresh (Pappu) Budharmal Kalani in his election papers. Pappu Kalani is how he is inevitably referred to, however.
He is currently on bail in 19 cases including eight of murder and was most recently elected the MLA for Ulhasnagar from the Republican Party of India (Athavale) in the Maharashtra state assembly elections, 2004.