Creating A Helping Organisation

Ganesh Chella made a brief speech at the publication of his book ‘Creating A Helping Organisation – 5 Engaging Ways to Promote Employee Performance, Growth and Well being.’ As always he spoke a few words, came to the point directly but his message has the characteristic clarity and insight.
As a coaching practitioner, Ganesh’s research led to three discoveries, one of which was “I discovered that employees had several other pressing needs beyond performance and development which were affecting their well-being and for which they required other forms of helping relationships. ….This led me to understand the entire range of helping needs of employees including their psychological well being and explore the kind of relationships that can make a difference.”
The book goes on to explain in detail the five layers of help – Community Help, Barefoot help, Qualified Help, Professional Help for Executive Coaching and Professional Employee Assistance with the help of specific case studies. A quick browsing has convinced me that it is a book that must be read by HR managers.

The book was formally published [Tata McGraw Hill, Rs ] at the hands of Ms Mala Ramadorai and Mr R Shiram, the founder of Crosswords yesterday.

In his brief talk Ganesh expressed his concern about scant attention paid to mental health of employees and asserted that this situation must change; and that the organisations had a role to play in providing support.
Ganesh is a thinker, teacher and a prolific writer. He has promised to write more books; one of which I expect to be on Employee Relations.