Some Thoughts and Some Feelings Nov 14

Some thoughts and some feelings, all my own:
Like I cannot understand why anyone would be interested in reading details of Aishwarya’s pregnancy, hospitalisation and delivery. And this intrusion on privacy of the actress is deplorable.
Like Kalam remains so dignified in very insulting situations. And US authorities have made it a habit to insult dignitaries and then apologise.
Like I feel that Sachin has missed his timing. He should have retired on the day India won the World Cup. I would say this irrespective of whether or not he hits a century against West Indies.
Like I always wondered how an airline can be named Kingfisher, a bird known for diving in waters to pick up fish and not known to fly high. And we see that Kingfisher is living up to its name by fishing in troubled waters.
Like whether we agree with Rahul Bajaj or not when he says that “I don’t see any logic of bailing out any private sector company either for sake of employees or customers…” we must appreciate his ability to speak his mind. 
Like the way Maruti Suzuki handled the strike they have given a new meaning to the term ‘The Japanese Style of Management.’
Like about his Big Boss experience Swami Agnivesh said, “I completely enjoyed my stay in the house. It was a rich experience. To be honest, it has increased by confidence level in the youth.” I wonder what the residents of the Big Boss would say about him!