My 2011 and Lokpal

“What are you writing?” Lulu, my parrot, asked.
“Everybody is writing about the year that went by, so I am writing too.” I replied.
“There is a difference. Their stories are read! Ha ha ha.” Lulu laughed sarcastically.
“You must not start our conversation today by your sarcastic remarks. I do not like it.”
“Oh, Sorry, sorry. Tell me, what strikes you as the most important event in 2011?”
“Oh, that is easy to answer. I struck a deal.” I said.
“With whom?” asked Lulu.
“With my darling wife. She was protesting very strongly for not taking her out. We decided that we will have one long and three short holidays each year.”
“And the result?”
“The result is four long holidays. We went to Lavasa in April, then to Shimla, Kulu and Manali in June. This was followed by Visit to Coorg. And now one more is planned, we are going to Mahabaleshwar in January.” I said with a complaining tone.
“That’s great. You can now stake your claim for being an ideal husband. Congratulations.” Lulu said laughing.
“There is a heavy price one has to pay for that distinction! Four long holidays put you to a considerable loss. With travel comes shopping. And with a credit card in use, you do not even realise how much you have spent.” I said.
“Enjoy your retired life, why are you grumbling?”
“Because income is so limited and meagre. We have not yet learned to manage within our means. I think there must be an Ombudsman or Lokpal for addressing complaints of husbands like me.”
“Then be prepared to fast. Like Anna Hazare.”
“That is asking for too much!” I said.