From Annus Horribilis to 2012

“Hi Lulu” I called out.
“Hi there! How are you doing?” Lulu, my parrot, responded.
“The year is coming to end. Yet another annus horribilis!” I said thinking about the year that was coming to end.
“You say that every year end. Quite obviously you want only good things to happen all the time.” Lulu remarked.
“Ha ha. Yes, that is the wish.”
“And now don’t talk of New Year resolutions please.” Lulu pre-empted me, flipping his wings.
“Oh no. I have resolved not to make any New Year resolutions long back.”
“So what is happening?”
“Reading a book.” I replied. “‘The Biology of Belief.’ Somewhat difficult reading, but yet a good book.”
“What’s the theme?”
“Our perceptions shape our biology.” I answered.
“Why don’t you speak simple language? Could not follow anything.” Lulu said with a tone of annoyance.
“OK, ok. To put it differently, our beliefs shape our perceptions and thus our health; it is what Mahatma Gandhi said….
“Your beliefs become your thoughts.
Your thoughts become your words
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits
Your habits become your values
And your values become your destiny” I explained.
“That’s better. Good beliefs will create good health as well as good life in general. We parrots are guided by instincts; human beings have free will, so it is more important for you” said Lulu.
“I agree.”
“So corrupt beliefs will create corrupt people and corrupt nation.” Lulu took the line further.
“You put it so well.”
“So focus on the thoughts and foster good beliefs.”
“That is a lifetime’s work.”
“Not much of a choice. That is perhaps the only way to avoid having every year as annus horribilis.” Lulu tapped on my head and looked at me expectantly.