Some Thoughts and Some Feelings Dec 15

Some thoughts and some feelings, all my own:
Like Higgs boson, the God particle, is elusive but there are ‘tantalising hints.’ Anything associated with the God is no different!
Like there is no winter in Mumbai. But this season, with higher temperatures, the so called winter in Mumbai is actually another version of summer.
Like winning cricket series against West Indies is no evidence of India being on the top. That every game actually was a close contest is an evidence of not-so-good-performance because the West Indies team is rather weak.
Like while the world is keen to know the name of the B-Beti, Amir Khan and Kiran Rao have announced birth of their son as well as his name. And their boldness and openness in announcing that he was born of a surrogate mother only increases my respect for the couple.
Like Dev Anand who died recently was my hero and I feel sad that he is no more. And Dev with Waheeda Rehman was a pair that people of my generation will not forget. They looked as if they were made for each other.
Like the hospital tragedy at Kolkata brings to the fore many issues. Safety is one of them. In many housing societies in Mumbai a maternity hospital or a children’s hospital is allowed to run, which endangers not just patients for inadequate facilities but it brings the residents too in close contact with patients every day.
Like I became an Anna fan and now I am no longer so. In a way Anna is as underprepared as any political leader, the difference is that he has good intentions.
Like I feel like shouting ‘Will a good leader rise to take this country to its glory?’ And I know there are a thousand who feel alike, and it will in vain.
And finally, this year will end in 15 days and a new year will begin. And with that will come a review of the year gone by and resolutions for the New Year. The year 2012 is the Year of Dragon, followed by 2013 as the Year of Snake. That’s frightening!