“Uncorking The Mind”: Thane HR Group’s Annual Event

The Annual Event of Thane HR Group which was held today was a big success. Over 130 participants attended the event.

The theme of the event was Uncorking The Mind. Mr Ajit Joshi, MD of Croma explained what innovation in HR was not and then proceeded to explain how innovations in HR must strike at the basic issues to make the any organisation a place where people will experience good values and growth.

Mr HN Srinivas of Taj Hotels Group [Tata] explained how Taj dealt with the traumatic situation created by the terrorist attack was handled by the organisation. He explained vividly how the organisation practised, without any pomp and publicity, sound human values to address the distress and trauma. The role of leadership which contributed to leading and raising the commitment levels to welfare of those who suffered, or those whose families faced bereavement was inspiring.

Mr Jayesh Pandey of Accenture spoke regarding Workforce of One and had clear message for HR managers on the new realities.

Mr. Jivan Bhatt, CEO of TechNova Imaging Systems spoke on Organisation renewal. He explained the concept and then shared his experience. A highly evolved understanding of renewal leads the organisation to take a very mature and evolved stance on many organisational and employee relations issues. TechNova Imaging which was started by Dr Jagdish Parikh, the Harvard Professor, has not lost a man-day to employee relations issues in the last thirty years so far.

Dr Krishnamurty shared his thoughts on the current Industrial Relations scenario as well as changes that are happening. He covered the new forms of employment contracts which are being introduced. He explained how the younger workforce is thinking differently and should be managed.

During the panel discussion on the M&A issues, Mr Sharad Gangal [Thermax], Mr VJ Rao [Suzlon] and Mr Jagdish Acharya [CEO, Asian PPG] several HR issues were discussed. Mr Acharya said that arrogance must be avoided at all cost by the acquirer to ensure the success of the acquisition. Mr Gangal said that the communication of overall business plan creates trust and confidence among the employees of acquired companies. Mr VJ Rao shared his experience and said that communication, openness and shunning ‘mine is better than yours’ attitude holds the key to success of M&A. Vivek Patwardhan facilitated the panel discussion.

Mr Prashant Karmalkar conducted quiz and his witty remarks enlivened the atmosphere. Mr Suresh Ogale proposed the vote of thanks.

Thane HR Group is an informal group of HR professionals in Thane. They organise guest lectures of eminent personalities for the benefit of HR professionals. Their events are free and open to all. Their annual event is usually held in December every year.