Destroying Environment, Sabotaging values

Here is a news item which one must read along with the Vision and Mission Statement of GEPIL. One can then appreciate the difference between preaching and practising. An excerpt from the news item in Economic Times is reproduced below:
SURAT: After the Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB) exposed two illegal pipelines from an Integrated Common Hazardous Waste Management Facility(ICHWMF), the Industries body at Sachin industrial estate are contemplating snapping ties with the unit.

Last week GPCB had unearthed two illegal pipelines originating an ICHWMF, operated by Gujarat Enviro Protective and Infrastructure Ltd (GEPIL) dumping untreated industrial waste into rivulet.

Following this revelation, many industries have stopped sending chemical waste in to GEPIL for disposal and diverting it to other effluent treatment plant at Bhrauch.

And now read the Vision and Mission Statement of GEPIL as seen on their website. What do you make of it?
At GEPIL, our clear vision helps us keep moving forward against all odds. We believe in making innovations for a better life. We believe in being an integral part of the environment management and waste disposal system of every state where we are present.

Our core values are clear in whatever we do and how we operate our business on a day-to-day basis. “Environment comes first” — is the value we hold close to our hearts. As a “life environment creation company,” we assume social responsibility and endeavor to secure quality in every aspect, including safety, durability, and environmental consciousness.

At GEPIL we think green. 
We are a global, broad-based enviro-infrastructure company devoted to discovering new methods, new technologies and new ways to aid waste recovery, recycling and help build a sustainable environment. 
Throughout our history, we have been driven by a constant goal: to advance environmental science to augment our surroundings and help people live healthier lives. It’s a part of who we are and it categorically drives our work. Our employees across the GEPIL group believe in “caring for the environment”-a shared commitment that helps us stay focused and convene on what we feel is of utmost importance- to conserve, nurture and sustain the environment in a manner that is both exceptional and unprecedented.  
We believe that good corporate governance is key to our operations and our reputation.

Our corporate governance is designed to enhance our ability to pursue the long-term objectives that are critical to our business and to ensure accountability and transparency.
Our board of directors play a vital role in charting, implementing and monitoring our corporate governance. We maintain extensive and timely education and training programs to make sure our governance culture is shared across regions where our business has presence. We believe in reaching out to our many constituencies and sharing our technologies with the industry to ensure that we remain dynamic and robust enough to keep pace with the ever-changing world in which we operate. 

We believe in the 3R policy-Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.  
Reduce – We encourage minimization of wastes produced by any of our processes especially those which produce harmfull byproducts. We believe this to be first step in being environment friendly.
Reuse – Reusing available resources is another mean of being an environment conscious corporate.
Recycle – Being able to recycle forms a big part of being capable of environmental assurance, save energy and conserve the environment.  

We are guided in our work by a commitment to building an environment that significantly improves life and living conditions of millions around us. In order to be able to deliver on this commitment we make every effort to stay true to our core values. We share a deep passion for our work and strive to set very high standards and achieve results for those around us and our clients. We are here to stay to address needs pertaining to the environment where they are the greatest.